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Data entry is alive and going strong. And there are many companies — actually, essentially EVERY company — that need data entry and other types of data work, done. Much of this data work is done through outsourcing. This means that there is a heavy demand for excellent data entry workers, and that much of the data work could potentially be done from home.

Yet, online data entry jobs have gotten a bad reputation for being an area that is rife with scams and so-called “opportunities.” This article will address 3 key questions about choosing, locating, and excelling at online data entry work, while avoiding wasted time and money on scams and “opportunities.”

Who Needs Data Entry Work Done?

Consider the daunting task businesses face when much of their data is on paper, in files, in online forms, on business cards, or otherwise scattered about in a variety of formats. All of this information needs to be extracted and entered consistently into electronic databases for it to be useful. The very lifeblood and future of most businesses, large and small, depend on their being able to successfully “mine” all of this data, and put it to use for their business.

This has led to a proliferation of online data service companies, offering not only data entry firm services, but also additional data work, such as:


  • data cleansing,
  • data mining,
  • forms processing,
  • order processing,
  • survey processing,
  • OCR data capture,
  • copy and paste services,
  • image entry,
  • data conversion, and
  • data processing.


Business sectors that outsource to such professional online data services include: banks, marketing firms, logistics, insurance, educational institutions, publishers, medical and law offices, libraries, research companies, retail organizations, corporate enterprises and trade associations. All of these enterprises use data, and need services to maintain it.

The professional outsourcing companies that provide these services to this range of enterprises, in turn, locate, hire, train and assign work to “Good People,” and “leverage their productivity via technology.”

Why Would You Want to Earn Money for Online Data Entry?

Data entry work can be a good choice for many reasons. One is that it is an excellent application of the logic, accuracy and attention to detail that may be your particular ability. Clearly not everyone should or could work with data. But for those who have the aptitude for accuracy, there is the advantage that this type of work:


  • will always be needed,
  • will always need updating,
  • can be done online, from home,
  • generally can be done on a flexible schedule, so long as deadlines are met.


What Do You Need to Beware of When Looking for Online Data Entry Work?

Certainly scams and so-called “opportunities” are out there. You will especially encounter these if you do Internet searches using terms such as “data entry jobs”, “online data entry jobs”, or “data entry from home.”

This is a problem since these are probably the most likely terms you would use when looking for online data entry work. But there are many people out there who are looking for people like you, and who know that this is what you will do. They know where, and how, to find you. But their goal is not to employ you. It is to sell you their product, system, service, or information so that supposedly you will be able to make money on your own.

What you will end up getting in these cases most likely will be NOT be a job. Instead, it will be some type of instruction about how to make money on your own through various types of Internet marketing. Some of these materials may be helpful if what you are trying to do is start an Internet marketing business and earn money that way. But if what you are trying to do is find a data entry job online, you will need a work-around to avoid being diverted.

Where and How Do You Look for the Employers Who Need Online Data Entry Work and Will Hire You?

One effective strategy for finding the professional data services outsourcing companies that are your key to finding online work of this type, is to focus your searches as though you were looking for data services yourself. The results from such searches will be the companies that you are likely to find will be hiring.

Another important strategy is to prepare yourself well for the job search so that you are ready to highlight your capacities for accuracy, productivity, confidentiality, and privacy protection, as well as your ability to deliver completed work on schedule.

These will be essential to your demonstrating to these professional outsourcing companies that you are at the level of professionalism they require for them to consider hiring and training you, then entrusting you with project assignments for their clients.


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