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In 2008, “Gelisim Education Culture Health and Social Service Foundation” initiated to create Vocational College named ‘Istanbul Gelisim Vocational University ‘ and started education life with Professional İnstitution set up by the Ministry of National Education and Authorities of Ministers on 18 August 2008.

Istanbul Gelisim University was established with the stage taken about behalf of becoming a “world university” with iii Faculties, few Graduate Academic institutions, 4 Colleges and 1 vocational college in the 2015-2016 academic year along with the regulations figures 6114 went out with 17 February 2011. Developing yearly by producing real changes forward with the aim of starting to be an arbiter college or university inside the world Istanbul Gelisim University, one of Turkey’s most favored universities.

A total of 57 applications of Istanbul Gelisim University, which in turn cooperates with leading institutions in their fields to achieve global success and links great importance to internationalization, have been checked out in details simply by foreign delegations commissioned by simply İn german, Japanese and American accreditation businesses such as AQAS, AHPGS, SUBSCRİBE and PEARSON and certified. Istanbul Gelisim University succeeding in having Turkey’s university or college with the most licensed applications has got seduced across the world attention with the activities used to become overseas.

IGU, advocating that higher education is normally the most important instrument to find advantageous development, today it offers you to its nationwide and world-wide students education opportunities found in 0 Performance, c Universities, 2 Business high schools 78 bachhelor’s Programs, 63 assistant level day courses, 37 marketing level night applications, twenty seven thesis / 22 non-thesis graduate programs, and 6 Ph. M. applications. Working together with considerably more than 80 globe colleges, Istanbul Gelisim University motivates undergraduate, person degree, graduate student and tragique college students to be global.

Istanbul Gelisim University locates in Istanbul – Turkey’s and the world’s economical and deal in center — campus area, giving enormous analysis impossible consisting of over 100 laboratories to the service of the learners. İn addition there are 18 review centers and 80 university student bars that allow college students to participate in social, cultural, conventional and putting on actions exterior the class. Within the swiftly growing and developing vibrant structure of our college or university, our cooperation with our exterior stakeholders will make us happy.


To end up being a body considering the objective to add benefit to the city, society and humanity, Taking into consideration the education, research and community support activities its main process; A place where benefit owner individuals that make use of methods successfully and accountably, match for a good, fair and functioning for World; Supposing in the ethics and liberty of knowledge in its actions without any circumstances, Along with the existing customs of internalized quality and fortitude, and With a consistently developing space in physical, digital, interpersonal, interpersonal and emotional manner.


To provide education and teaching expertise in countrywide and globe top quality criteria,
To implement a student-centered education approach,
To look at the understanding of governance with stakeholders,
To provide solutions to the community in effective, efficient and measurable requirements,
To put into action continuous and safe improvement and advancement actions in every field,


Durability is a strategy that includes entered the existence in the last 20 years. The growing focus of these kinds of concerns being global close by loan mod, environmental carbon dioxide, deforestation, the fatigue of place and subject species, and exhaustion of energy properties we avail supplies brought all of us to this point.

This notion tells us: “ Match the needs of today without dispossessing long run generations of the opportunity getting together with their private requirements! ”. In various other text, all of us possess a responsibility to retain the environment clean at all of the levels of our production and use activities and employ information as little as possible.

While studies on the world are progressing quickly, there are many methods to be taken by each of our nation. In order for these actions to be applied healthily, assistance is wanted between the condition, businesses, non-governmental firms, colleges and individuals who conduct therapeutic exploration.

We, because Istanbul Gelisim University, desire to fulfill our responsibility with the support of the university students and keep an even more livable universe to the up coming years. Designed for this, we all opted “ Sustainability ” as the main theme of each of our institution.

As a beginning, we have place an essential “Introduction to Durability ” training into the course load of all our departments, assuming in the power of mindset and education. Along we can become mindful, and after that we all definitely will gratify the duties.

While the University, all of us established out to represent required by the theory of sustainability in each and every one long term future actions and assignments. Considering the support of you students, we all might set up a better world, along!

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