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Визовая поддержка в Польшу

Most outsiders need to get a visa prior to entering Russia – if it’s not too much trouble contact the Russian office in your nation of origin to check whether you need a visa. Just residents of a couple of CIS nations may enter Russia without a visa. Identification holders from Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Ukraine needn’t bother with a Russian visa.

On the off chance that you don’t have a place with any of the previously mentioned ethnicities, you actually may have the option to go to Russia without a visa. Journey travelers are the lone classification of vacationers visiting Russia who may remain on the region of the Russian Federation without a visa for as long as 3 days. Nonetheless, this standard applies just to voyage travelers who have booked their visits through offices authorized by the Russian government. Such an office will furnish you with a visit ticket called a sweeping visa or booking affirmation. It will let you through the traditions with no different archives aside from your legitimate identification and landing card that you will be given locally available prior to entering Russia.

There are a few kinds of Russian visas, they rely upon the reason for your visit. In the event that you are going to Russia for touring, you will require a Tourist visa, if your motivation is conferences, you should apply for a Business visa, and so forth

You will require a greeting (otherwise known as visa uphold) to apply for your Визовая поддержка в Польшу. The greeting is an archive given by the individual or association which welcomes you to Russia. Each sort of visa requires an alternate kind of greeting. The costs of solicitations and visas fluctuate. The cost of a visa relies upon its sort, the necessary preparing time and your ethnicity. Generally speaking, the more adaptable conditions the visa gives or the quicker it’s handled, the more costly it is.

To apply for a visa for Russia you need to round out an electronic application structure on line, print it out, sign and afterward it will be prepared for accommodation along with your identification, supporting archives and visa charge.

Remember that you should respond to all necessary inquiries as fragmented application structures are not perceived by the Consulate. In the event that your subtleties don’t fit as the Russian visa application, you can either truncate or give your data as a connection composed on A4 paper. The upside of the electronic visa structure is that it is put away on line for 30 days and you can correct it on the off chance that you like however to have the option to do that you should take note of your web reference number when you complete the process of rounding out the structure.

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